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I started out in nursing home in 1994 due to needing a job. I was an STNA for 11 years loved my job. Though a fellow co-worker said, “hey want to go to nursing school with me?” and the rest is history. I love being a nurse and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I have worked for Foundations for 17 years.

Ada McClinton - Nurse

I started working at Canterbury because I needed a job. But through the process my love for the residents grew very strong after 5 years, now this is where I want to dedicate my time.

Monica – Housekeeping

Seven years ago, I was asked to help take care of an elderly couple in Hartville. After taking care of them for a year I decided to change my career and have been in long-term care since. Memory care, which I have been in for the last 6 years, is my favorite.

Emily Parker – STNA

I started out as a certified medical assistant, I worked in various settings and had really good experiences in a lot of various settings and enjoyed them all. I did this for 20 years.

Then I decided I would go to nursing school and in a long-term care facility I could work different shifts and accommodate my schooling. But the longer I worked and seen what the nursing staff did as opposed to the aides, the aides actually spent more time, because of the care and activities of daily living they perform, with the residents. So with that being said I decided to stay an aide.

Kim Emery – STNA, Transport