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A Canterbury Christmas Story: A Tale of Love and Faith

January 10, 2024
The Canterbury Theatrical Group presented "Straight Outta Bethlehem," a Christmas Story-inspired musical created by Christy Semsen and arranged by Daniel Semson. Due to unforeseen illness, the musical had to be rescheduled after the holiday season. Nevertheless, the "theatre" was filled with families and residents eager to witness the production.

Months of preparation preceded the performance, with residents and staff diligently practicing since September to master their lines and songs. The heartwarming story unfolded in an orphanage run by Trixie, portrayed by Cookie, who assigned roles to her many children to instill a sense of purpose. Joe portrayed Blake, a new orphan with a skeptical outlook, while Deanna, as Starr, embodied the energetic orphan who teaches Blake the importance of faith.

Renita, as Zoolie, touched hearts with a soul-stirring solo, while Angelina, in her role as John Luke, showcased her talent despite being new to activities. Mary, a retired activity aide, brought Gertie to life with charm and wit, leading the animal choir in songs like "The Barnyard Boogie."

Other memorable performances included Paula as Marcus, Shayna as Mary, and Josh as Joseph, who delivered a rap with flair. Luann's granddaughter Lily and grandson Bradley stole the show as the chicken and cows, respectively, while Irene, Evelyn, and Deanna's granddaughter Kira charmed as the sheep.

The dedication and enthusiasm of residents and staff were evident throughout the production, reflecting a deep commitment to sharing the message of God's love. A special acknowledgment goes to the staff for their unwavering support and patience during rehearsals. As we look forward to our next endeavor, a murder mystery dinner, we invite you to stay tuned for more information!

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